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The Live End
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err, i dno.

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Date : Sunday, July 12, 2009
Time : 1:38 PM
Title : I am not Korean.

Ahnyong hasehyo people!

errm, yea, I realized I haven't been blogging for quite some time,

Do you know Why? (no prize for guessing)

Because I have nothing to blog about!

okay, uhhm, I honestly can't wait to move! I really wanna move like really wanna move. okay I think you get the idea. so yea.

and I wanna get my driver's license! which takes freaking long here fortunately/unfortunately.
the people here are really nice, and I met this taxi driver who was super nice hahahaha he mentioned something about free taxi rides! I think.
hahahah but i need people to teach me how to drive D:
okay, its super boring here.
gotta make more friends (:
and i have a long list of movies to watch

okay I'm done with updates :D