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kiss me tonight .

The Live End
Please be nice and don't laugh at my posts (:

err, i dno.

Just put my tagboard back up, please say hi :D

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Date : Monday, July 20, 2009
Time : 8:49 AM
Title : (no subject)

I'm sorry,
but why on earth would anyone name themselves NYLON?

Hi I'm Polyester.


I seriously think there is something wrong with me (:
I bet you are too smart to see this!


Date : Saturday, July 18, 2009
Time : 9:22 AM
Title : cheers

I think this blog has died prematurely.

and the best thing about it is that..

I am not going to do anything about it :D

cheers (:

Date : Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Time : 7:31 PM
Title : lets get it started.

I want to get a Yorkie (:

Date : Sunday, July 12, 2009
Time : 1:38 PM
Title : I am not Korean.

Ahnyong hasehyo people!

errm, yea, I realized I haven't been blogging for quite some time,

Do you know Why? (no prize for guessing)

Because I have nothing to blog about!

okay, uhhm, I honestly can't wait to move! I really wanna move like really wanna move. okay I think you get the idea. so yea.

and I wanna get my driver's license! which takes freaking long here fortunately/unfortunately.
the people here are really nice, and I met this taxi driver who was super nice hahahaha he mentioned something about free taxi rides! I think.
hahahah but i need people to teach me how to drive D:
okay, its super boring here.
gotta make more friends (:
and i have a long list of movies to watch

okay I'm done with updates :D

Date : Sunday, July 5, 2009
Time : 1:46 PM
Title : wow.

internet here is failing on me badly.

the loading speed is so slow turtles would have walked round the earth and back and still have time to spare. I'm like typing now and no words are coming out so its like I'm typing air.


aww man, this is so slow I can't blog properly.
I'll blog later (:

Date : Friday, July 3, 2009
Time : 8:50 PM
Title : row

I apologize for the late posts (:
have been awfully lazy to sit down to blog. also, there is seriously nothing to blog about.
well, weather here has been pretty good (its quite hot now) comparatively when I first arrived here.
alright, everything here has been pretty darn good so far. school is still pretty relaxed apart from me being extremely last minute and leaving the house at 8.25am or 1.25pm when my class starts at 8.30am/1.30pm.

okay, after much dragging and waiting, I finally watched transformers 2!
one word to describe the movie- wait, make it 2: ULTRA LONG.
I was like having back aches at the end of the show.
overall, the show was pretty much okay, just that it was kinda weird at some points. Not because I've read: http://www.seattlepi.com/movies/407674_film28878170.html before the movie but also, it was really kinda weird at some points. although some of the points in the web were kinda crap.

urgh, I really can't be bothered to blog.