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kiss me tonight .

The Live End
Please be nice and don't laugh at my posts (:

err, i dno.

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Date : Thursday, March 26, 2009
Time : 11:46 AM
Title : oh oh oh.

It's so irritating yet so damn addictive.

From the west to the east.

Date : Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Time : 10:33 PM
Title : I willl be


reality check.
self reflection.

until then..

Good Bye,
for now.

Date : Monday, March 16, 2009
Time : 9:56 PM
Title : I weally weally

weally and really and really really
wanna watch


Date : Sunday, March 15, 2009
Time : 10:33 PM
Title : And I

Really want to get well soon so that I can eat nice nice food again besides



wish me luck.

Date :
Time : 11:37 AM
Title : dangit.

I'm ill.

Date : Saturday, March 14, 2009
Time : 12:14 AM
Title : hey there

tell me something that I wanna know.

I am sick and my nose is killing me D:

Date : Thursday, March 12, 2009
Time : 10:34 PM
Title : it went up and back down.


hmmm. I am seriously lazy to update what I did for my birthday, its really just the same old thing,

go out,
have dinner,
cut cake,
make a wish,
receive presents
happy birthday.

okay so yea, that sums up what I did for my birthday except this year I got a cooler present (or two) from mom and this year is my significant 18th.


alrighty then.


with Aishah yesterday, we were suppose to watch He's just not that into You but timings were all off cos' we were gonna have highhhhh tea at 3.30pm and all the movie timings for He's is at 1.30-2pm and the movie is like 2hours plus long? we would be terribly late and our money would go to waste.

yup, okay I admit, I quite old fashion or whatever you call it in a way that this is my first M18 movie and I don't really think I'll be catching one more anytime soon because I am not into movies where people get exploded by supernatural forces and your jaw and leg muscles get stuck on the ceiling. I don't think I would get used to having people breaking arms and legs and blood squirting out like someone squeezing tomato sauce out of its bottle. thats right, I am not into gore.

but it was something fresh, pretty hilarious at some point laughing about Dan having flabby abs and hairy chest and this blue guy that can teleport to Mars but doesn't bother to teleport his underwear with him and end up kinda showing the audience his bits, so yea its pretty okay.

so yup, after that we went to have high tea and Equinox (again) but hey I like to go there cos it's neat. they finally changed the food there so yay! I like it again! I love their scones!
so now I really kinda like that place again and I wanna go back! yummmm and furthermore, it's only like $23 per pax!

alright, as for today, I caught:

Marley and Me like FINALLY!

and Oh my gosh I loved this show! Of course besides the part where Gladys and I were crying like babies because of the ending, it was really a great show! I loved it! and really enjoy it!
So I caught this movie with Wayne, Zhi Yong and Gladys and we were suppose to catch the 2.30pm show but Wayne kinda overslept and so we had to walk all the way from Cathay Cineplex to The Cathay which almost made me faint but thank goodness we made it on time for the 2.50pm show.
and I really got to remember to bring tissue paper.
so yea we ate at Astons which I kinda like it! having not eaten it for sucha long time and its not expensive! so yea we slacked abit here and there, met Jasmine and Samantha at PS and Jasmine we so gotta catch up! slacked a little bit more and then we went home!
zzzzz, heading down to town tomorrow again which is kinda tiring but nevermind.

yay next I am gonna watch Race to Witch Mountain!



Date : Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Time : 2:57 PM
Title : ptfff.

I am freaking bored to tears.

I think I should go have high tea but its freaking 3pm now and the high tea is at 3.30pm


nevermind. I'll go tomorrow.

Birthday was cool, thanks everyone who wished me
'ppreciate it (:

yup, one year older, 42 years left to being a senior citizen.

shall update about my birthday and stuff when I feel like it.
I hope the sun can stop shining so brightly so I can go out
(and it had to rain the whole day yesterday)

okay, I must get outta here before I turn fossilized.

Date : Sunday, March 8, 2009
Time : 5:13 PM
Title : and before

It's 8th of March!

and I am hungry ):

okay, I don't really have much to blog about and half of my class is at camp!

oh ya, Mom seems to be more into online shopping that me ;O

okay, I know its super long ago, but this scene never fails to make me laugh:



I want
movies and high tea!


Date : Friday, March 6, 2009
Time : 2:50 PM
Title : scorching hawt.

Jai Ho!

that was a moment of randomness.

the past two or three days have been really fun and eventful and made me one very happy person.

yes! My VS stuff finally arrived from the U.S. and that totally made my day! and ohohoh they are so hawt!

and I so love their bags!
I'm like totally indulging in that moment.
my mom loved the stuff I bought more than the ones she bought which does not make sense at all but yea.
buying stuff from VS during their Clearance Sale is the best thing to do online!
can't wait for their next sale!
and I am totally happy with what I got although a couple of stuff seemed to be totally different in size from what I saw online and turned out so much bigger than on the internet.


TA27 Chalet!
okay, yar. whatever.
I didn't stay over ):
but the chalet was really darn hilarious and really fun.

Thank you chef Wayne for cooking our stuff and without you we would be eating sashimi.

in the afternoon we played loads of bonding games and it was really funny having Samuel playing concentration when he always goes out of beat and makes everyone confused and we would have to do it over and over again and we were supposedly suppose to go cycling and blading but it rained ):
the east side has been raining these few days!
(I think it is gonna rain again later here)
so Wen Xi, Gladys and I waited for the rain to end at the bicycle shop while the guys+Jessie rod back to the chalet in the heavy downpour.
So after the rain, Wen Xi went off first cos she had her skates on while Gladys and I strolled back to the chalet where we had to wash our feet every 50meters because sand always got into our slippers and yea,
played games

hahahah, this has got to be the most eventful barbecue I have ever been too.
apart from the

super cute cat that..
(I didn't take a picture of him ):)
was really friendly and pretty and lovable and hungry and always followed and stuck to us and tempted a couple of us to bring him home,
(you get the idea)

it rained like 4 times during the 3-4 hours of barbecue and made everyone with umbrellas flocking to the pit to cover the food so that it would be cooked without getting wet and poor Douglas had to keep running around in search for an umbrella to take shelter under.

so it rained once,
until the final rain totally blew the socks off everyone.
the wind and rain was freezing cold and literally freezing cold!
so yea we were like
and everyone rushed to the pit to cover the food and run for shelter

(this is getting tedious to type and its super long winded. zzzz)

okay whatever.
-BBQ ended-

-headed for shelter under a hut thing next to our pit-

-played some zing game-

-went home-


The End!

THERE! Isn't it much better!
short, sweet and straight to the point!
and I am proud to say,
I did not take a single photo during the chalet.


I don't know what else to say already.


Time passes really fast and I can't believe it is already Friday.
Presents are most welcomed :D



Date : Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Time : 4:06 PM
Title : Just like that.

What I want,
I don't know.


okay so anyway, to add to my list of movies I wanna watch!

*drum rolls*

he maybe old, but man he is feisty.

:D like duh! how to miss this! (in my previous previous post)

for the love of Hugh Jackman.

if I don't watch this one, I will probably by the DVD anyway.

And I am waiting for you too!
Transformers! Robots in disguise!
okay wrong! Megan Fox! and for the love of Bumble Bee!
I have watched Transformers 1 probably a gazillion times I can almost memorize the entire movie by hard!

alright. I think that sums it up! I will watch them! one way or another!
and when is the sequel of Iron Man coming out!?

Date : Monday, March 2, 2009
Time : 11:15 PM
Title : yay

I watched:

Yes! Finally! and it was a great show! really touching and really good! there were some parts that were really hilarious and some parts that were really realistic and reminding us how cruel this world really is. I shed a tear (ya one only. okay maybe two) when Jamil's brother died which was really sad and the jumping into the shit part was totally funny. (sorry for the spoiler if you haven't watched it but I think by now everyone should have watched it!

it is really really good!
and I love the soundtrack!

next up I have two more movies I wanna watch:


yup! and I realized Singapore is like 2 months late in releasing Marley and Me which was released on Christmas Day in the US last year.


movie, anyone?

Date : Sunday, March 1, 2009
Time : 5:08 PM
Title : you know what?

I know that I’ve got issues
But you’re pretty messed up too


Hi, Hello.

Its a wonderful rainy day and my Enter button is giving me problems.

what a bother.
oh well,

I know loads of people don't like him,
I know loads of people make fun of him,
I know loads of people laugh at him,

but hey.

I love him.

oh my gosh.
yes, I know!

whatever right!

but hey, I've loved him for a very long time aight?

His dance moves are like tha bomb.
Oh my gosh. seriously.
he is tall.
he is so cute.
he has killer abs.
he can dance. (totally burning the dance floor)
he can sing.
and his concert is seriously the best. (yes I've been to his concert, best ever.)

yea, so after 3 months of laziness, I finally bought his latest album (which is not so latest anymore) and yea I love it.

Jung Ji Hoon LOVE!


okay, on the side note,
I know I'm not the easiest person to get along with
and sometimes I'm weird in some ways,
but yea,
I'm trying hard to stop being like that,
I'm trying to be nicer.
just so everyone knows.