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kiss me tonight .

The Live End
Please be nice and don't laugh at my posts (:

err, i dno.

Just put my tagboard back up, please say hi :D

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Date : Friday, June 26, 2009
Time : 3:30 PM
Title : In remembrance.

Oh my gosh.
I still can't believe MJ died.

I can't believe it.


Date : Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Time : 8:34 AM
Title : I can't wait.

Rock on man.


Date : Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Time : 10:25 PM
Title : I contract!

Hi Everybody!
This is a blog post showing how a country bumpkin I am (:
so please don't laugh.
shit, I'm laughing at it myself.

This is a compilation of the past couple of days so please pardon me if its in a mess because I'm lazy to check (:

p/s: this is a super lengthy post.

3rd June 'o9

Thank you everyone who came to send me off at the airport! I am really really happy you guys came! you all rock!
I wanna thank you guys for the gifts you've given me, they are all really sweet and really really nice! I will use/keep/display them!

oh right! if you want to pictures, please do ask them from me because I will forget! :D

I am in Sydney already! And its more chilly than expected!

3rd June 'o9
okay that was yesterday.
today was like really not-as-cold-as-expected?
I tell you why in abit.

so yesterday! I did not sleep in the airplane! could not sleep at all!
so when we arrived at my mom's friend's place, my entire family practically slept the entire day away from like 11am to 4pm so we really didn't get to see anything! oh! but after dinner, we went for a night drive to somewhere near the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House (which was not very obvious cos the Opera house was like dark.)

4th June 'o9

okay so next day, totally woke up late cos of I don't know what.
so headed down to MU to take a look at the campus, the weather was really nice and a lovely temperature of 14 degrees! so we went to visit the school's registra (who happens to be a friend of my mom's friend who we are staying with at the moment. LOL)

and had a 10minute look around the area which wasn't really of much help butbut! most importantly, I think Australians are really darn cool cos they can just wear a singlet, board shorts, slippers and walk around like its summer! like damn, I wanna be like them. HAHAHA. but I'll probably be some frozen piece of fat meat walking around.

and after lunch, we went down to my hostel (btw they call it a college) to take a look to see if its good or not and its really really neat! its like really pretty and the environment is really cool so yea, I'm staying there! I didn't take alot of photos cos I didn't have the time to snap alot.

after that, we went to the shopping center nearby, Macquarie Center! and there's Borders there (hurray something familiar)!

but the food! oh my! there are so many cheese products there which is like OMGOSH YAY! hahah I was at WoolWorths (our equivilant of Giant) and they sold like this DAMN BIG CHUNK of cheese for like AUD$7.90 and I was like I wouldn't be able to finish this until next year. And I can finally get to try Krispy Kreme!

haha! and we bought some scones back home and my dad accidentally hit the scones with umbrella.

Me: OMG DAD how can you hit the bag!
Dad: aiya, its just a plastic bag, nothing will happen.
Me: Do you know there are scones in this bag!? See, it's all dented!
Dad: Sorry then.
Me: You shoudn't apologize to me! You should be apologizing to the scones!
Dad: Sorry Scones.
Dad: SaSuKu. (which means crazy)


Oh right! This is where I am staying at the time being!

HAHA this is the view that I can see from the outside of the house not the house itself :D

The garden!

Super neat! Its so cool!

5th June 'o9

Please pardon me for skipping content cos I am lazy to update too much. (:

okay, so today where did we go? errr. oh ya, we went to the Eastwood Area which was totally nice! I was walking around looking at some stuff and I saw them selling puppies! OH MY THEY WERE SO CUTE! ESPECIALLY THE MALTESE PUPPIES AND THE MINI SCHNAUZER! OMG SO CUTE! THEY WERE SO ITSY BITSY AND SO LOVELY! Sorry Oreo and Bianca, I still love you guys loads.

and after that we went to the fresh supermart where they sold out of this world fresh vegetables and fruits with cabbages bigger than a bowling ball. omgosh fresh or fresh!?

6th June 'o9

Today was totally exciting!
We went on the river cab to the city!
oh my did I take so many pictures! I was like frantically snapping away! and I totally loved the sea breeze! and the houses here are totally awesome!

and we passed Darling Harbor and went to Circular Quay where we saw the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House which was totally cool and I want to climb the bridge but I'll have to save up first and find someone less afraid to go with me because my parents aren't keen!

I'm really lazy to type. Let the pictures do the talking!

7th June 'o9

Watson's Bay for Fish and Chips!
which was really good and their business was so good!
saw the pacific ocean which was breathtakingly nice! If they had cliff diving there I would go. HAHAHAHA.

okay, then we went to Bondi Beach! There were so many dogs! how wonderful! and yea, Australians are so darn cool they can be in their shorts on the beach when it was so windy! but it was a great day with the sun out and all.

as you can see, I really can't be bothered to type out everything unlike the front, HAHA.

8th June 'o9


alright, I guess I am more or less done with the updates! I totally slacked today and the puppy shop is closed today! omgosh I was super upset ):
oh well, please do not say that I have not taken enough pictures because I have really tried my best to take alot of pictures kay!

I love you guys many (:

Do tag so I know how you guys are doing kay!