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Date : Monday, May 25, 2009
Time : 10:01 AM
Title : errr

Hi Hello,
I know I haven't really been all that faithful with updating so I'm update now!

yay because Gladys and Zhi Yong can finally read something else!


lets start.
I'll miss so much here in Singapore!
I'll miss everyone so much!

dang. I haven't gotten the pictures into my computer and I am not at home!
this post is kinda shitty.
I don't know what am I writing!

alright, then.
Bianca came over to our house yesterday! and the two of them were so adorable!
I took so many pictures of them cos they are so adorable~!
and Oreo is really a poor little puppy ):

Okay, how about RC9 Seoul Garden outing?
okay, that dinner was one of the smelliest yet really fun outing! hahaha thanks to Jessie's forfeit for some Magic Number game!
4 bowls of bottom later tom yam soup, Jessie way to go! hahahah.
it is so amusing!
but I am definitely not gonna have tom yam soup in the near future!
not going to miss it at all.

okay, so two days ago, Zhi Yong, Russell and I went to Escape themepark (SAMUEL LUM YOU CHEATED ME.)
so we started off with the super fun tutu train ride which was really duper fun cos it was so fast moving and the little boy next to me was so cute. (Best ride in Escape btw.)
okay then I can't remember what we took next but I believe it was some superman ride I like to call it which was fun but not as fun as the first ride.
then we went to take the go kart thingy I think. Zhi Yong was being really mean to keep predicting that girls will always be last. although it was the case 95% of the time.

the water slide game was the best, although again its 2nd to the first ride we took.
went on it 4 times with unwanted injuries inflicted halfway through the ride, and Zhi Yong got damn wet because of me HAHAHAHHAHAHA yay!

okay then we played a whole lot of other things including the cute little airplane ride and the haunted house which btw I didn't see a single thing inside (: and the pirate ship which I watched from afar because I felt the ride was too immature and not scary enough.

omgosh this post is so stupid HAHAH.

and after that Zhi Yong and I went blading while Russell went to find his friend at some chalet.

hahahhaha I totally forgot how to skate! and I was moving at like 1 mile per hour and Zhi Yong is like 294072395720934709248km in front of me. and Wei Jie came! thank goodness there were the two of them otherwise I think I would have rolled down the slope and become some pancake look alike.

after that, we watched:

which was really cute and really funny and there was this red balloon dog which was super cute.

okay then went home and sleep.

I don't know what else to talk about.