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Date : Saturday, April 18, 2009
Time : 11:44 PM
Title : Hey!

Yes, I believe this will be a uber lengthy post because there will be loads of pictures and I mean loads! okay well, uhhm not really that many.

alright! going all the way back to sometime last week, Gladys and I went to check out GO TO DMC! right right!

and she specifically wanted the two photos up here! and the only two photos we took that day!

*this is taking very long to upload...............*

Finally uploaded! We were at Spotlight choosing some template thingy for Gladys' friend's birthday present!
Look at my huge S and Gladys' teeny weeny G!

Okay, that covers DMC day, I can't believe we did not take any pictures on Shopaholic day! yaya we forgot.

and on the 16th, Dewei, Gladys and I went to sing karaoke! sang and sang and sang and sang! gosh, thank goodness we did not see any cockroaches crossing the road or something, it was quite cheap! much better than kbox but I know it can't be as cheap as the one Gladys always goes to!

okay! Yesterday! which is 17 April which will become the day before yesterday in 7 minutes.
Met Zhi Yong and Wei Jie at Sqaure 2 and I am so sorry for making you guys wait for like 1 hour. (all my dad's fault)
and I should treat Zhi Yong more durian next time! muahahahha.

okay okay, Dewei Li Jun and Jessie couldn't make it cos' something cropped up so the 3 of us wanted to change the venue to Marina Square! but changed our mind because Wenxi and Sam were really looking forward to eating Xiao Long Baos! So Wenxi, Gladys, Samuel, Wei Jie, Zhi Yong and I headed down to Holland V (OMG I can't believe I went so far!) and
we did not eat at Crystal Jade.

we went to Swensens instead!
lemme tell you! Lousy service! Worst manager ever! I will complain! not.




Twist Club!

I believe I don't need to say much about this, "someone" insisted his photo not to be up here. awwwww.

My cookies and Ziploc bag!! Many thanks to Gladys and Zhi Yong who helped finish all 24 cookies!

Mac and Cheese, Mac and Cheese, Mac and Cheese!

who knew Gladys could be so scary!

Guess what Zhi Yong was doing!
answer: Smearing Chilli sauce all over the knife! tsssk.

From Friends,

To Foe! Poor Zhi Yong!

You get the idea.

alright, I think this was requested: Wenxi has a tutorial with Wei Jie about love (:

Because it was about time to go home, everyone became really sad..

Then Gladys cheered up, however 'cos of Zhi Yong's hands,

Wei Jie and Sam for "buying" the bill!

ohoh! and we were so lucky that day! we got a free errr wait, whats that called?
sticky chewy fudgy chocolate ice cream or something?
yeap! free! all thanks to whoever the person who forgot to add hot fudge! hurrah!
and so we chatted and talked for like 2 and a half hours and we talked about alot of stuff! it was super fun and really enjoyable! really hope to have more of such outings yea!


on the side note, I guess more or less the class already knows whats going on and may I repeat,
its not a joke!
yea, I know its really sudden and stuff and I'll really miss you guys alot because you people are really incredibly nice and lotsa fun to be with and you guys are the best class I ever had!
I really love you people!