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err, i dno.

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Date : Friday, April 3, 2009
Time : 9:52 PM
Title : April

I know I know
I haven't updated in like 10 centuries.


Okay I shall do a quick one.

Caught Race to Witch Mountain some time last week or last last week (I can't remember)
really nice show, Dwayne Johnson is so cool.

okay, errrr, caught DMC yesterday with Gladys, apart from the ultra indecent death metal lyrics, that show is outrageously funny and Ken'ichi Matsuyama is so cute! Omgosh he has such an awesome voice I totally can't believe he sang those songs! He is such a good actor!

alright. I want to watch Shoppaholic, Departures and Gran Torino but I can live without watching Torino.

I think thats about it, apart from the April Fools' outing to Sentosa and playing pranks on people, there really isn't anything much to update!


omgosh. I can't believe it got through so fast.