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kiss me tonight .

The Live End
Please be nice and don't laugh at my posts (:

err, i dno.

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Date : Sunday, March 1, 2009
Time : 5:08 PM
Title : you know what?

I know that I’ve got issues
But you’re pretty messed up too


Hi, Hello.

Its a wonderful rainy day and my Enter button is giving me problems.

what a bother.
oh well,

I know loads of people don't like him,
I know loads of people make fun of him,
I know loads of people laugh at him,

but hey.

I love him.

oh my gosh.
yes, I know!

whatever right!

but hey, I've loved him for a very long time aight?

His dance moves are like tha bomb.
Oh my gosh. seriously.
he is tall.
he is so cute.
he has killer abs.
he can dance. (totally burning the dance floor)
he can sing.
and his concert is seriously the best. (yes I've been to his concert, best ever.)

yea, so after 3 months of laziness, I finally bought his latest album (which is not so latest anymore) and yea I love it.

Jung Ji Hoon LOVE!


okay, on the side note,
I know I'm not the easiest person to get along with
and sometimes I'm weird in some ways,
but yea,
I'm trying hard to stop being like that,
I'm trying to be nicer.
just so everyone knows.