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Date : Thursday, March 12, 2009
Time : 10:34 PM
Title : it went up and back down.


hmmm. I am seriously lazy to update what I did for my birthday, its really just the same old thing,

go out,
have dinner,
cut cake,
make a wish,
receive presents
happy birthday.

okay so yea, that sums up what I did for my birthday except this year I got a cooler present (or two) from mom and this year is my significant 18th.


alrighty then.


with Aishah yesterday, we were suppose to watch He's just not that into You but timings were all off cos' we were gonna have highhhhh tea at 3.30pm and all the movie timings for He's is at 1.30-2pm and the movie is like 2hours plus long? we would be terribly late and our money would go to waste.

yup, okay I admit, I quite old fashion or whatever you call it in a way that this is my first M18 movie and I don't really think I'll be catching one more anytime soon because I am not into movies where people get exploded by supernatural forces and your jaw and leg muscles get stuck on the ceiling. I don't think I would get used to having people breaking arms and legs and blood squirting out like someone squeezing tomato sauce out of its bottle. thats right, I am not into gore.

but it was something fresh, pretty hilarious at some point laughing about Dan having flabby abs and hairy chest and this blue guy that can teleport to Mars but doesn't bother to teleport his underwear with him and end up kinda showing the audience his bits, so yea its pretty okay.

so yup, after that we went to have high tea and Equinox (again) but hey I like to go there cos it's neat. they finally changed the food there so yay! I like it again! I love their scones!
so now I really kinda like that place again and I wanna go back! yummmm and furthermore, it's only like $23 per pax!

alright, as for today, I caught:

Marley and Me like FINALLY!

and Oh my gosh I loved this show! Of course besides the part where Gladys and I were crying like babies because of the ending, it was really a great show! I loved it! and really enjoy it!
So I caught this movie with Wayne, Zhi Yong and Gladys and we were suppose to catch the 2.30pm show but Wayne kinda overslept and so we had to walk all the way from Cathay Cineplex to The Cathay which almost made me faint but thank goodness we made it on time for the 2.50pm show.
and I really got to remember to bring tissue paper.
so yea we ate at Astons which I kinda like it! having not eaten it for sucha long time and its not expensive! so yea we slacked abit here and there, met Jasmine and Samantha at PS and Jasmine we so gotta catch up! slacked a little bit more and then we went home!
zzzzz, heading down to town tomorrow again which is kinda tiring but nevermind.

yay next I am gonna watch Race to Witch Mountain!