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Date : Friday, February 13, 2009
Time : 2:41 PM
Title : Annoyed.

Exams are such wet blankets.
It's annoying really.

and there are so many distractions you've never know existed popping out one by one right now.

well, THAT SUCKS! because it makes it 10 times harder to study
and those distractions are like really successful to my dismay ):

and I am annoyed at you.

obviously, you don't know which you I am referring to and I have no plans on exposing which you I am referring to.

I'm annoyed at everything you do.
Annoyed at your childishness.
Annoyed at what you think is damn funny but hey, it ain't.
Annoyed at retarded mindless things you say which are like ****.
Annoyed at your stupid assumptions.
Annoyed at the fact that you think you know me so well when you are a million miles from the starting point.
Annoyed that you think I am some weak person who takes everything you say seriously.
Annoyed at you, the person.

you annoy me.
like annoy, annoy.

I like the word annoy a lot.

so what?

screw you.

but you're not a distraction.
I won't let you get in my way of life.