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Date : Thursday, November 20, 2008
Time : 2:15 PM
Title : MIEC!

I am updating my blog in MIEC tutorial!
and my teacher is telling us ghost stories!
Hahahahaha! omgosh I love our MIEC tutor! he is so nice!
best tutor ever!
Mr Pon two thumbs up!

We'll be telling him some ghost story Gladys had later.
I was totally freaked out when Dewei told me the story.
If it really was true...
OMG it is really freaky.

Carbonara at Alumni is really terrible. like tasteless, bland and unappetizing.
a total waste of money.
don't buy.

wenxi is playing tetris right now.
i think she is addicted.
oh no.

and something really hilarious happened in class today.
slipper + water
Totally amusing but I know it is kinda mean.

Moral of the incident: Please please please dry your shoes/slippers/sandals before wearing them out.

Christmas is Coming.
I am totally hyped up and I love Christmas.
Presents and cards and LOG CAKES!

and mom bought a new Christmas tree for our house.
New house, new tree.
I think it costs $280.

Nice nice nice?!
I took that with my phone's camera hence the poor resolution.
I have a better camera!
and will take a super nice picture of the tree!