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Date : Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Time : 5:21 PM
Title : Hi Hello

Hi, yes, I created a new blog.
I got rather sick of the old blog.
(not like I have been giving it a lot of attention)
but I think thelivend sounds nicer.

Does it?

It does right?

Whatever. (:

Anyways, I finally figured all the html stuff on my own.
Three cheers!

and now..

Why thelivend is better than sevenwayticket?

1. thelivend will be much more updated than sevenwayticket.
2. I'll make an effort to update this space.
3. I will definitely update because all the nice blog names are taken and this is all I have left.
4. thelivend looks
wayyyyy nicer than sevenwayticket.
5. point 1.
6. point 4.
7. point 4.
8. point 4.
9. point 4.
10. point 4.

Yes. wonderful!

I didn't make the blogskin.
Too noob.
So, I am not exactly in control of the words that appear in this skin.



until next time.