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Date : Friday, November 21, 2008
Time : 9:25 PM
Title : heeee.

I am like so relieved.
for now.

I am totally shagged! I can't even think straight. I am practically falling asleep everywhere I go.

ITB presentation was really so damn crappy. I was just blabbering away because I didn't know what to say, so yea.
Our slides were like really SO DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS.
I was practically fainting when it was going to reach us cos' the previous two groups were like powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Anyway, everyone wore kinda formal today! It was like woah. business day or something.
Forgot to take pictures! Gladys wanted to take them but I guess we both kinda forgot.

It is actually quite funny looking at everyone dressed in formal.
Not used to it at all!
But some people really pulled off the formal look really really well!

I really gotta thank my wonderful ITB group mates!

for all their hardwork put into the ITB proposal!
they worked really hard and I really want to Thank them!

you rock.

so after the tormenting 15-20minutes of ITB,
Dewei and I went to Orchard to chill out for like 20mins?
LOL I had to go Great World City after that so couldn't spend much time with her.
But we were talking about loads of stuff on the journey there.
and Trash talk.
which is kinda enlightening.


wrong word.

errr. kinda... forget it. can't find a word to express that sort of feeling.

We were just pouring out what we felt about some Tom Dick Harry.

and of course,
joking about our dads and we concluded that most dads are really lame.

after parting with Dewei,
I was walking to the bus stop to take 16 to GWC.
I got out the door of Ngee Ann City, walked five steps and
two girl/lady/auntie errr whatever.
One 18 year old girl and one 30+ (auntie?) walked up to me.

Time to put my art skills to the test:
Auntie:Hello! Where are you from? How are you? Wah you are so well dressed! (I was in formal btw)
Me: (Stunned) Er, Singapore.
Auntie: Har! Really? Wah you look like from Taiwan or Korea leh cos you are so well dressed! Your skin so nice! (wtfish)
Girl: Ya! Your skin very nice leh! How your skin so nice one! You very well dressed leh!
Me: ... ( I was like freaking cornered. Can't even run) err, anything?
Girl: Are you free now? We are actually doing a health survey now, we need 10 people a day! can you help us! 5-10Minutes only one! Your clothes very nice leh! (wtfish)
Auntie: Ya! it is just 5-10minutes only! and we are actually doing a health survey! dont worry! do you exercise often? follow us inside la!
Me: err, I'm actually rushing off.
Auntie: OH, you going home ah? Where you stay?
Me: No, I'm not going home. I'm rushing of to someplace else. (LET ME OFF)
Girl: Very fast one la! Just inside only! Our survey is just over there! (Pointing into Ngee Ann City)
Auntie: Ya! Very fast one la! Come for awhile la! Come Come!
I got pulled back into Ngee Ann City.
so, I was thinking, since it is in Ngee Ann City, it should be quite safe. I was so scared I'll get aducted or something.
and so, we walked and walked and they kept asking me questions and trying to boot lick (wtfish)
Auntie: you are still studying? wah dress until so nice, where did you get your style from? You read it from magazine? Wah so good hor.
Girl: Ya lor, ehhh your skin really very nice leh, what products do you use? What you use to apply on your face ah?
oh my goodness. I was seriously freaked out. They are like some random weird people bombing questons in your face!

and so, they walked walked walked until the entrance of TOWER B.
I was like nononononono. no way am I going in there. I don't want to go up. (I was so scared man)

omgosh I am falling asleep typing this.

Girl: No la! Come up! Nothing one! It is just a health survey we are doing! Please la! we only need 10 People a day! Come leh!
Auntie: Ya! Come la! Very safe one! you are here already! just come la!
Me: I don't want to go up, I am really rushing for time,don't have the time.
and they were like... harrrr, like that ah...
okay lor. and they grabbed a photo album thing from their bags and started talking about that they were really fat before and after using some health supplement they became slim and blah blah blah and blah blah blah. and the auntie said, this supplement can also allow you to gain weight.
Do you wanna gain weight? (okay that made me happy cos that means i'm not fat!) but obviously NO. i do not wanna gain weight.
and she immediately changed and say where you wanna lose weight?
and was like oh ya your blah blah balh
I couldnt stand it, said i was rushing off and dashed out.
I almost thought I couldn't make it to Great World City.

I can't stand it.

my primary school friends are coming over.

and I was feeling bored.
was browsing through blogskins
and typed Jam.
this is what came out:

okay don't worry.
I won't change my blog skin.

not yet.

I like my current blogskin okay.